Baldomero Lopez was more than a local hero

When motorists drive past the Baldomero Lopez State Veterans Nursing Home in Land O’ Lakes, chances are they won’t know much about the history of the man for whom the facility is named. That’s where Bill Dotterer comes in. He’s a volunteer with the Tampa Bay History Center and he shared the story of 1st Lt. Baldomero Lopez’s life and his heroic actions during a talk earlier this year at … [Read more...]

In Print: A true American hero, remembered once again

It's the kind of heroic scene that movies try to capture, but can never quite get right. Baldomero Lopez is a name many residents might be familiar with locally, thanks to the veterans nursing home just off Ehren Cutoff. Reporter Michael Murillo, however, shares a lot more about the man behind the name in his regular history column, Presenting the Past. There, we learn about Lopez, a … [Read more...]