2017 had it all: A sinkhole, Hurricane Irma, wildfires and floods

But, it also was a year of significant growth, notable achievements and touching moments, too. It’s not often that Land O’ Lakes makes the international news, but it did just that in July when a massive sinkhole swallowed two homes in Lake Padgett Estates. Then, just a few months later in September, the world’s attention turned to Florida as a potential category 5 Hurricane Irma appeared … [Read more...]

Roy T. Hardy was known for fish fries and kindness

When Mike Carr was growing up in Dade City, he viewed Roy T. Hardy as a giant among men. “He was just so kind,” Carr said, of Hardy, who died Sept. 19 at the age of 94. Carr thought so highly of Hardy that he said he routinely referred to him as “the patron saint of Dade City.” The Kiwanis Club and the city of Dade City also thought highly of Roy, and his wife, Martha, and honored … [Read more...]