Holy Name Monastery: A tranquil place on a hill

Funny how a place can be both otherworldly and so much a part of this world. Holy Name Monastery is like that. It’s a peaceful place where Benedictine Sisters of Florida rise before the birds are up to pray quietly in their chapel, then return for daily Mass and more common prayers throughout the day. Then, rather than sit idly enjoying their monastic peacefulness, they head out into the … [Read more...]

Rebecca’s at City Market offers new fare

The phone call came unexpectedly in October. In passing, Curtis Beebe had told the owners of City Market Bistro that if they ever wanted to sell, he and his wife Rebecca might be interested. Within days of the call, Rebecca’s at City Market was signed, sealed and delivered. By November, the Beebe’s were off and running with their third restaurant in four years. And, they were betting … [Read more...]