Saint Leo instructor competes on Jeopardy

Frank Orlando, a political science instructor at Saint Leo University, has wanted to compete on Jeopardy ever since he was a little boy — and last month, his episode aired. It all began by passing the contestant exam in March, then proceeding to the in-person interview in Tampa in May. After that, he was included in the potential contestant pool. “At the end of October, I got a call from Los … [Read more...]

Saying ‘No’ to New Year’s resolutions

The time has come, tradition says, for all of us to take stock of our lives and, having properly weighed the whole sorry mess, resolve to make much-needed improvements. Or not. Mostly not. According to a survey conducted by the Saint Leo Polling Institute, scarcely more than one in four adults planned to make New Year’s resolutions — just 27 percent. Maybe it had something to do … [Read more...]

Pay college athletes? Saint Leo poll says no

The topic of paying college athletes is a controversial one. Yet a new poll by the Saint Leo Polling Institute suggests most people have already picked a side, and the answer is no. The national poll, conducted between May 28 and June 4, asked 1,016 people —including 802 likely voters — about the subject of paying athletes, specifically football and basketball players at high-profile … [Read more...]

In Print: Vote opens for nation’s most inspiring coach

Being an athletics coach of any kind can be stressful for anyone. There's so much to do when it comes to developing strategies, recruiting and retaining players, setting up effective practices, and looking for that sometimes fleeting win. But it's even tougher for Land O' Lakes High School cross-country coach Kris Keppel, who is now starting his third decade in his job, however, doing it … [Read more...]