Region offers Easter festivities

Easter events are scheduled across the region this week, offering ways for families to have affordable fun, and opportunities for spiritual reflection and celebration. There are also a number of Passover events scheduled, which are included in an accompanying story. Many churches offer Holy Thursday, or Maundy Thursday services, which is March 29 this year, as well as Good Friday … [Read more...]

Easter season filled with spiritual celebrations

As Easter approaches, churches across The Laker/Lutz News coverage area are preparing for a host of spiritual activities. Some churches will be hosting Good Thursday, Holy Friday and Easter Vigil services, while others will be focusing primarily on Easter Sunday services. There will be community events, as well, to celebrate the season. In Zephyrhills, the Zephyrhills-Wesley Chapel … [Read more...]

Coping with grief during the holidays

Picture this: Your mother has broken her arm and it’s time to make her traditional pecan pie for the holidays. It’s easy to see that it would be difficult for her to make the pie this year, so you let her know that she shouldn’t worry about bringing it. It’s easy for people to see a broken arm, said Dale Thien, a bereavement counselor for HPH Hospice. It’s not always so easy to see the … [Read more...]

When it comes to helping the homeless, she’s not too proud to beg

In her previous role, Carol Scheckler delivered warm greetings to people when they dropped in at the Greater Zephyrhills Chamber of Commerce. But she stepped away from her job as administrative assistant at the chamber in May, and has since become president of The Samaritan Project, based in Zephyrhills. The chamber job, she said, was her paycheck. The Samaritan job doesn’t pay Scheckler … [Read more...]