Love One Another serves up food, and kindness

It’s not uncommon for generous acts to surface during the holiday, especially charitable gestures for those who are less fortunate. But, when you have a group that guarantees a hot plate every Sunday throughout the year, that’s not such a common thing. That’s precisely what an organization called Love One Another has been doing for 10 years. The ministry serves meals every Sunday at … [Read more...]

Papal honors bestowed during special ceremony

The pastors of Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church in Land O’ Lakes and Saint Peter the Apostle in Trinity have received honors bestowed by Pope Francis. The Rev. Ron Aubin and the Rev. Dennis Hughes now have an additional title, besides pastor and father — they now also bear the title of monsignor, a designation that is bestowed on those who have been named a Chaplain of His … [Read more...]

Twins set to become second-generation Eagle Scouts

Last year, only 7 percent of all Boy Scouts achieved the organization’s highest honor — the Eagle Scout rank. Yet, fraternal twin brothers Joseph Nystrom II and Jonathan Nystrom will officially earn that final badge — even though they’ll only be able to wear it for six days. “The ceremony is on Sept. 20, but our birthday is on Sept. 26,” said Joseph, who is two minutes older than his brother. … [Read more...]