Apparently, we think Pasco is on the right track

With November’s quadrennial Election Day looming ever larger on our calendars, the importance of what Americans tell pollsters about the condition of the country swells almost by the moment. Indeed, it scarcely matters just now, in the middle of July 2016, whether you’re with Hillary or you’re aboard the Trump train, or even if you’re checking out the shrewd looniness of Libertarian Gary … [Read more...]

It’s time to vote! Primary election day is here

Precincts all over Pasco and Hillsborough counties as well as the rest of the state are welcoming voters today as candidates find out whether they're moving on to November, winning their seat outright, or packing up and going home. Whether a Democrat, Republican or independent, there is a ballot for everyone, at least in Pasco County where at least one race — Pasco County Commission District 4 … [Read more...]

Wilson still collecting checks from development community

All the money that is going to be raised in the battle for Pasco County Commission seat District 4 has been raised. And now the only thing either candidate can do is sit back and wait for voters to decide. Mike Wells Jr. is challenging Henry Wilson Jr. for his seat on the commission in an open primary race Aug. 26 where the winner takes all. Although both Wells and Wilson are Republicans, the … [Read more...]