An era ends: Cash tolls go extinct on Veterans

Toll roads have been a part of American life since the first such paths opened for business in Pennsylvania and New York in the late 18th century. From the very beginning, passage on these roads required horse riders — and later vehicle drivers — to come face-to-face with a toll collector. But not anymore. Last week, the Veterans Expressway parted ways with its last toll collector when … [Read more...]

Cash tolls go obsolete on Veterans Thursday

The future is here ... at least when it comes to the Veterans Expressway. One of the primary roads that helps take many Pasco County residents to jobs south will phase out its final cash booths beginning Sept. 5. The conversion process requires construction crews to work overnight as they remove and demolish all cash tollbooths and coin baskets at the Sugarwood mainline toll plaza, as well … [Read more...]

Cash no longer good on parts of Veterans Expressway come Friday

Travelers making their way south on the Veterans Expressway will no longer need to use cash once they get past Sugarwood. The last cash toll at Anderson Road's toll plaza will be collected early Friday before all traffic on the road converts to all-electronic tolling. And by the end of the summer, all of the plazas leading up to Hutchison Road will follow suit. Taking a lead from the … [Read more...]

FDOT warns against fake toll collection letters

Some letters may be arriving in mailboxes seeking to collect unpaid tolls from various roadways like the Suncoast Parkway and Veterans Expressway, but not all are as they seem. Florida Department of Transportation officials are asking travelers to be wary of any attempt to collect unpaid tolls by a company calling itself Toll Enforcement LLC. The company, according to Florida's Turnpike … [Read more...]