Medical marijuana, Common Core gaining statewide support

More often than not, elections become about people: Not the ones politicians are trying to represent, but the politicians themselves. The latest release from the University of South Florida’s Sunshine State Survey, however, is trying to shift that focus a bit back to issues, including those affecting the state as a whole. USF’s School of Public Affairs department, under the direction of Land … [Read more...]

Economy still plagues Floridians, but politics in way

The biggest issue facing Floridians today is the economy. And the biggest obstacle to fixing that is government partisanship. Those were the primary findings of this year's Sunshine State Survey, a collaboration between the University of South Florida and the A.C. Nielsen Co. It's based on 1,875 telephone interviews conducted between July 30 and Aug. 15, compiling a random sample of adults 18 … [Read more...]