Commissioners act on rezoning requests

Pasco County Commissioners approved a rezoning that will allow a 1.95-acre lot to be split, to allow two single-family homes — despite strenuous objections by neighbors. The property is on the north side of Country Club Road, about 550 feet west of Old Pasco Road, in Wesley Chapel. Attorney Barbara Wilhite, representing the applicant, told board members that her client merely wants to allow … [Read more...]

Security expert: Think ahead to reduce risks

While there’s no way to be entirely safe from potential natural disasters, criminal acts and terrorist threats — there are ways to reduce potential risks. And, there are ways to get help in responding to incidents that have occurred. Those were the twin messages delivered by a security advisor from the Department of Homeland Security to members of the Central Pasco Chamber of Commerce, … [Read more...]

Enjoying a free concert with mom

Mother's Day is coming up. That probably means flowers and a card for your mom, your spouse or someone you know who is a mom. And that sounds like a nice way to recognize them: Flowers and a card. Not very creative, of course. Maybe a little boring when you think about it. But nice, I guess. The question is, do you want to be boring, or do you want mom to know she's special? Does she really … [Read more...]

Local RadioShacks may stay open, despite cuts

RadioShack Corp. says it's closing 200 more stores this summer. And while it's not clear if three local RadioShack locations are being targeted, the odds for those stores surviving have improved compared to just a couple months ago. The 200 figure represents just 5 percent of its total corporate stores, meaning locations in Lutz, New Tampa and Zephyrhills have moved from a 1-in-4 chance of … [Read more...]