Nurturing quilts uplift spirits in the courtroom

When children enter Judge Lynn Tepper’s family courtroom in Dade City, they’re often welcomed with healthy snacks, stuffed animals, and lots and lots of books. Another staple in Tepper’s courtroom of late: Dozens of homemade quilts, stitched with an assortment of bright colors, shapes and other unique designs. The quilts are given to adoptive parents and caregivers of infants and young … [Read more...]

Old Pasco Road extension under review

A study is underway to investigate extending Old Pasco Road/Ossie Murphy Road, by adding two new roadways north of State Road 52 to east of the Interstate 75 bridge underpass. Officials from Pasco County Engineering Services ultimately foresee an approximate 1.25 mile, four-lane divided urban (curb and gutter) section, whereby Old Pasco Road would stretch approximately 4,000 feet northward … [Read more...]

Widening project of State Road 52 at Interstate 75 nears end

Nearly three years after dirt began flying, a $72.6 million project to widen State Road 52 and Interstate 75 is heading into its final phase. Completion is expected in summer 2017. Motorists have learned to navigate through construction cones, barricades and lane shifts — heading north or south on I-75, or east and west on two-lane State Road 52. Traffic flow has slowed, and sometimes … [Read more...]

Veterans receive warm recognition at ceremony

Veterans were recognized in a special way at the Veterans Day ceremony at the Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club in San Antonio on Nov. 11. More than a dozen surviving World War II veterans were recognized and celebrated at the ceremony. “Veterans Day is something we don’t want to forget,” said John Benvengo, the ceremony’s organizer. The event featured a number of speakers, including … [Read more...]

Economic recovery slow, but steady

The national economy is recovering from one of the worst downturns in the nation’s history, but it is a recovery that is just “muddling along,” according to Sean Snaith, director of the Institute of Economic Competitiveness at the University of Central Florida. “It was the worst recession since the Great Depression,” he said. “The recovery is also historical. It’s historically weak.” The … [Read more...]

Resident crusades for safety wall on I-75

Construction dust, giant cranes and truck traffic are an everyday inconvenience near Tampa Bay Golf & Country Club. Road crews are busy expanding the interchange at Interstate 75 and State Road 52 from County Road 54 to Hernando County. The three-year project is slated for completion in 2017, and is meant to improve traffic flow by widening I-75 from four lanes to six lanes, with three … [Read more...]

Economic outlook: Steady, but modest growth

The economic outlook both nationally and locally is for modest, but steady growth, according to Scott Wren, an economics expert for Wells Fargo Advisers, based in St. Louis, Missouri. Wren, who spoke to a crowd of about 125 people at a luncheon hosted by the Pasco Economic Development Council, used two phrases to sum up the forecast for the near future: “good but not great” and “modest … [Read more...]

More than 5,000 show up for first day of early voting

A lot of people are heading to the polls, and it's not even Election Day yet. Pasco County elections supervisor Brian Corley says more than 5,000 people turned out to vote on Saturday, as early voting started in various locations around the county. By lunchtime on Monday, the number of early voters quickly approached 9,000, joining more than 38,000 mail-in ballots already received for the … [Read more...]