Committee to study school impact fees

As more rooftops pop up in Pasco County, more and more students living under those rooftops will take seats in crowded classrooms. While new residential construction is good for the county’s prosperity, it also is setting up a dilemma for Pasco County Schools. The big question: Where will the district find money to build schools to keep up with demand over the next 10 years? The apparent … [Read more...]

School board seeks higher impact fees

Pasco County School Board members are asking the Pasco County Commission to significantly boost school impact fees charged against new residential construction. The board voted on Dec. 20 to seek impact fees of $9,174 for single-family detached residences; $3,693 for single-family attached residences; $5,382 for multi-family dwellings; and $5,634 for mobile homes. That compares to the … [Read more...]

Higher school impact fees coming to Pasco?

A discussion has begun in Pasco County that could lead to higher impact fees paid by new residential development to address growing demands for school construction. Increased school impact fees might provide a source of revenue that could help plug the growing gap between the revenue the district receives and its construction needs, according to district officials. But the idea of an … [Read more...]