Finding a deal on gasoline? It’s only going to get cheaper

Since the end of September, the price of gas has plummeted in states across the country, including 41 cents per gallon in Florida alone. And it's not stopping anytime soon. "Gas prices are plunging in-line with the falling price of oil, declining demand, and pumps selling winter blend fuel, which is cheaper to produce," said AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins, in a release. "Gas prices should only … [Read more...]

Plunging gas prices take a breather

Notice gas going up at your favorite fill-up station? Don't worry, it's happening everywhere. Maintenance at refineries along the Gulf of Mexico created a spike in gas prices this past week, pushing the cost of a gallon of gas up nearly a dime in one night Wednesday in some places around the state. But it did calm down elsewhere, and Florida reported an average of a 2-cent rise since last … [Read more...]

Demand for gas is dropping, taking prices with it

In any given day in the United States, drivers pump 369 million gallons of gasoline into their vehicles, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. If cars could travel in space, and get 20 miles per gallon, that would be enough to travel to the moon and back — more than 15,000 times. Since 1990, the price of gas has skyrocketed 184 percent, from a national average of $1.24, … [Read more...]