Father’s Day is a big day for grilling

Father’s Day is often associated with grilling. Grilling accessories are a popular Father’s Day gift idea, and some dads use this time of year to purchase a new grill — with businesses often offering special sales. Father’s Day also is a time when families often go fishing — with fishing gear also being a popular gift category for dads. So, why not tie those two themes together for a … [Read more...]

If you want a quick and refreshing meal, try these chicken salad recipes

Sometimes you just want to make something simple, quick and delicious — and chicken salad is just that thing. Here’s a little stash of chicken salad recipes to keep on hand for when you need them. Enjoy! First, to prepare the chicken. Ingredients: 4 chicken breasts, boneless and skinless 2 low-sodium bouillon cubes (granules or liquids can be used), along with water to make 2 … [Read more...]

Have some Hoppin’ John, and a Happy New Year

The beginning of 2019 is right around the corner, and celebrating the start of a New Year often involves partaking in a traditional food ritual to promote health, luck and prosperity in the year ahead. In the Southern United States, many subscribe to the notion that eating just a bowl of Hoppin’ John will bring you good fortune in the New Year. The ritual dates back to the 1800s in South … [Read more...]

If you’re having a holiday party, these recipes may help

Planning to entertain for the holidays? Whether you’re planning a small gathering with “finger foods” or a full meal, these ideas may help you get started. Hors d’oeuvres  — which literally means “apart from the main work/meal" — can be a great way to feed your guests during a cocktail hour, or, can take the place of a meal. In the United States, we often refer to these foods as “appetizers.” … [Read more...]

Plan for your pet, too, during a disaster

Taking precautions for your pets in the event of a disaster doesn’t have to be difficult. The Pet Resource Center in Hillsborough County offers these key pointers: Make sure your pet’s county registration tag is up to date, and take a trip to the vet to update all vaccinations, get a microchip and extra medications. Create a disaster kit and ID packet for your pet. The kit should … [Read more...]

Rediscovering the fun of fondue

Fondue is more than a recipe — it is a way of cooking that was developed by Swiss peasants back in the 19th century as a way to use hard/dried-out cheeses to make it more appealing. The word fondue comes from a French verb that means to melt or to blend. So, in preparation, the cheese was melted in a communal pot made of heavy earthenware (called a caquelon or fondue pot) and wine (or … [Read more...]

Do you know the ‘Muffin Man? How about your muffin pan?

I am always looking for quick, easy, unique recipe ideas – this time I had a convenient source of inspiration. I just reached into my kitchen cabinet and pulled out a common baking pan – the muffin pan! The beauty of cooking in a 6- or 12-cup muffin pan is that recipes become individual, pre-portioned servings, that are very portable (grab and go) and can easily be served. Some can even be … [Read more...]

Buzzin’ about bees at the Hugh Embry Library

Ginny Geiger, a member of the Dade City Garden Club, delivered an entertaining and informative program on the importance of bees at the Hugh Embry Library. Geiger led the “Nature Detectives Bee Workshop,” dispensing information and, at one point, demonstrating how a bee might act, if a wasp — an enemy of the bee — approached the hive. In her hour-long workshop, Geiger talked about the … [Read more...]

Sharing the history of the Bundt cake, and a recipe, too

If you’ve ever wondered how Bundt cakes came about, this column will satisfy that curiosity. A Bundt cake is baked in a pan that gives the cake a distinctive ring shape. The shape was inspired by a traditional European yeasted cake known as a Gugelhupf (also called bund cake) that was often prepared to serve at a gathering of people. Many recipes have been developed over time for … [Read more...]

It’s the holidays: Time for yummy traditional Southern pies

When it comes to Southern pies, Florida has its famous Key Lime pie. Georgia has a classic Buttermilk Custard pie. And, North Carolina has its Chocolate Chess pie. But when it comes to the fall, seasonal favorites are apple, pecan, pumpkin and sweet potato — in alphabetical order. That’s because the ingredients needed for the seasonal pies are at their peak. And, it turns out that … [Read more...]