Looking for something fun to do?

Pasco County has been phasing in the reopening of some of its recreational facilities. Activities such as walking, biking, hiking, fishing or running can be done in specific locations, according to a Pasco County news release. Groups of more than 10 will not be permitted and people must maintain social distancing from others of at least 6 feet, to help prevent the spread of coronavirus … [Read more...]

Savor a slice of ‘Old Florida’ beauty

Residents who live on the eastern side of Pasco County don’t have to travel far to get an idea of what “Old Florida” was like. They can find evidence of that loveliness all around the locale’s corners and bends. Perhaps that’s why those with deep ties to this part of the county fight so fiercely to protect their piece of paradise, and why the area attracts newcomers who want to put their … [Read more...]

Withlacoochee River Park adds conservation land

Withlacoochee River Park is larger by about 40 acres, following Pasco County’s purchase of additional conservation land at the park’s entrance. The county’s Environmental Land Acquisition Management Program, known as ELAMP, recently purchased the property on Auton Road for about $132,000. Plans for the new acreage aren’t certain, but some ideas are being considered. One possibility is … [Read more...]

Pasco County proposes 2018 budget

Fees for parking at Pasco parks may end Pasco County’s proposed 2018 budget of about $1.3 billion will be sweetened with an extra $3 million spoonful of property tax revenues. The extra cash could mean the end of parking fees charged at nine beach and wilderness parks. Withlacoochee River Park in Dade City is among the locations that charge the $2 parking fee. Final tallies on the … [Read more...]

Flute gathering celebrates Native American heritage

Dock Green Silverhawk once invited a few friends to his Plant City home for a backyard barbecue, and an afternoon of honoring a Native American tradition – a flute circle. The annual music party soon outgrew Silverhawk’s backyard, and found a new home at Withlacoochee River Park in Dade City. On Oct. 15 and Oct. 16, the 13th Annual Silverhawk Native American Flute Gathering opened with … [Read more...]