Recognizing our volunteers

On March 9, a lunch connoisseurs was held at the Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City. It was hosted by Dale and Terri Satterlee. From what I heard from those who attended, the food was delicious, and they had several dishes to choose from. The menu was varied with quite a bit of Cuban influence. Before people placed their order, Cuban bread, plus butter, was served to each individual table. … [Read more...]

Residents break a record

Gem Estates recently set a new record for attendance at its Thursday morning coffee hour. There were a total of 138 neighbors and guests enjoying the camaraderie the community is known for. (Courtesy of Mabel Budzinski) … [Read more...]

Visiting with friends and family

On March 3, we had an egg in a bag at the community center. A nice crowd of 92 people were served omelets that consisted of any or all of the following: ham, cheese, mushrooms, onions, green pepper, jalapenos, plus home-fried potatoes, biscuit and gravy, plus coffee and orange juice. Before the tables were called to create their omelets, grace was said by Galen Parker while everyone bowed their … [Read more...]

Sweetwater…..Then and Now

Over 20 years ago, ‘The Vermont Bunch’ came to camp in the area we now call Sweetwater RV Resort. They were a group of 11, headed up by ‘The Godfather,’ the name given to Francis Quatrini, who is still playing golf, at 92 years of age, in St. Johnsvury, Vermont. Francis and his wife, Gloria, were best friends to Marion McLam’s parents. When Wilma came too, Marion and Wendell decided to rent a … [Read more...]

Potluck and trivia brings everyone together

On Feb. 25, approximately 55 people got together at the community center for a potluck.  The potluck was hosted by Nancy Huey, and what a fine job she did. She did have some help from the people that attended, but Nancy organized the entire lunch, which consisted of many breakfast items, plus so much more. There were some eggs, sausage, quiche, deviled eggs, biscuits and gravy, and more.  There … [Read more...]

The flu won’t keep residents down

The flu bug has been very active here in Gem Estates, but it looks like we are putting it behind us. There were 87 present at last week's Thursday morning coffee hour. Today (Feb. 22), we had 127 for this social hour. Those in sick bay are Mike Mitchell and John Raab. Crystal Gage and Ryan St. Denis, two of Canada's skilled performers, are highlighting the entertainment at Gem Estates Mobile … [Read more...]

We all scream for ice cream…and tacos, and pancakes

On Feb. 15, approximately 120 residents came to the community center to enjoy a taco bowl dinner, hosted by Margaret and Andy Castonguay, plus Rachel and Ron Gamache. Ron and Rachel worked side by side with Andy and Margaret, as they will be taking over hosting this great function. In the past few years, Margaret used to make the shells from scratch, but now she is teaching Ron how to make them, … [Read more...]

Meetings, music and more

We had our weekly coffee and doughnut hour on Feb. 7, and we got to socialize with our friends and neighbors. Here is where we catch the news of what is transpiring at Grand Horizons, and we also hear the birthdays and anniversaries of the coming week. After the coffee and doughnut hour, we held our monthly social club meeting. There was a nice crowd of 40 plus people who attended this meeting … [Read more...]

Helping your relationships thrive — not just on Valentine’s Day

You come home from work and you see your husband sprawled out on the couch watching television, while dishes are piled up in the sink. You get mad. You’re thinking: Really, he’s just sitting there while there’s work that needs to be done? You’re not thinking: He’s exhausted. He just finished a tough day at work and he’s stressed out. He needs to relax a little. These are the kinds … [Read more...]

Many opportunities for camaraderie

On Feb. 3, more than 100 people attended egg-in-a-bag that was hosted by Paul and Freda Williams. This breakfast was at the community center, and people came early so that they could catch up on the news of what transpired in the past few days. The egg-in-a-bag consists of eggs that are made into omelets with such ingredients as onions, green peppers, cheese, bacon, ham and more. You can … [Read more...]