Zephyrhills gets ready for Pigz in Z’Hills

The ninth annual Pigz in Z’Hills BBQ & Blues Festival is set for Jan. 19 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., at the Zephyrhills Community Venue, 5200 Airport Road, in Zephyrhills. About 60 teams are expected to vie for bragging rights and prizes during the barbecue competition at the event. The cooking showdown will determine who advances to the World Food Championship, with competitors testing … [Read more...]

Potluck, gift-swapping and horse racing

On Dec. 23, a potluck was held in the community center, and Nancy Huey and several helpers arranged the whole thing. The helpers consisted of Rachel Gamache, Karen Donlon and Carol Jones. There were approximately 88 Grand Horizons residents, friends and family who attended. Nancy Huey and her helpers did a marvelous job. The afternoon started with Jim Leitzke giving 'Grace,' while the … [Read more...]

Zephyrhills class addresses cognitive disabilities

Raising a child with developmental issues can be a complex situation for many parents. Understanding a child’s physiology, as well as health needs, can help parents in making favorable accommodations. Helping to increase that understanding was the mission set out by Dr. Christopher Schriver during a class last month at the Creation Health and Wellness Center in Zephyrhills. The … [Read more...]

Zephyrhills to provide new trash bins to residents

Zephyrhills residents will be issued new trash bins in the middle of February, free of charge from the city. The Zephyrhills carts, or z-carts, will be a new alternative to residents purchasing their own bins — as they have done in the past. The project has been four years in the making, as city officials have strategized what’s best for the community. The 95-gallon cart will run on … [Read more...]

Leisure Days prepares for quilt show

The quilters of Leisure Days RV Resort, 34533 Leisure Days Dr., Zephyrhills, on Morris Bridge Road at State Road 54, will host their 14th annual quilt show Feb. 2 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The cost is $5 to view quilts created by individual quilters, wall hangings and specialty quilts from family treasures. For additional informations, call (813) 395-5706. Shown, from left: Peggy Goodmurphy, Shelly … [Read more...]

New Year in sports offers plenty to watch, experience

As we embark on a new year, the sports world within The Laker/Lutz News coverage area promises to deliver plenty to watch, experience, and perhaps appreciate. Here’s a closer look at some of the happenings in 2019: One major development will be the progression of new sports facilities throughout East Pasco County  —  whether it’s the end-of-year completion of the Wiregrass Ranch Sports … [Read more...]

Did Lincoln actually sign this document?

My travels to Lincoln, Illinois, began with a column published in The Laker/Lutz News on July 11, regarding a document that had been passed down, from one generation — to the next, to the next. That column pondered: What would it be like to have a large document signed by Abraham Lincoln, and not know its value or its history — or if it really had been signed by the nation’s 16th … [Read more...]

Christmas with friends, family, and Santa!

On Dec. 14, 144 friends and family enjoyed a Christmas show produced by the group Tin Pan Alley and hosted by Terry Gardner. Before the show started, there was a screen in the front giving the name of the show, the people that were in it and several other bits of information. There were all kinds of decorations, plus a fireplace that was on a miniature screen on the stage. During the … [Read more...]

Specialty grocers sprouting up in Pasco

A national trend for smaller, specialty grocery stores is taking hold in Pasco County. Within the next year, Earth Fare, Sprouts Farmers Market, and possibly Lucky’s Market will open grocery stores that specialize in natural, organic and fresh foods. Aldi is planning to open its no-frills, discount grocery stores in Zephyrhills and New Port Richey in 2019. Also, a new store is coming to the … [Read more...]

Lights, camera, action to celebrate Christmas

On Dec. 4, 27 women went to the Cheesecake Factory. There were residents and friends, and one new resident in attendance. The entire lunch lasted over 2 hours with much eating and loads of conversation. I was unable to attend, but if it was anything like the one several years ago, everyone had a terrific time. They have a very good selection on the menu, and the desserts are delicious … [Read more...]