Easy Business Software wins regional award

A  company that was born out of the necessity to help a sick 2-year-old in the family recently won third place in Bright House Networks Regional Business Awards.

This recognition comes in addition to the Land O’ Lakes’ company’s top honors in Business Technology from the Pasco Economic Development Council Inc., last year, and its recent placement on the semifinalist list in the statewide Florida Companies to Watch program.

From left, Gary Gorsline, his wife, Mary Lynn, and their daughter, Leana, are shown during a Bright House Networks Regional Business Awards celebration. Their company, Easy Business Solutions, captured third place honors. (Courtesy of Gary Gorsline)

From left, Gary Gorsline, his wife, Mary Lynn, and their daughter, Leana, are shown during a Bright House Networks Regional Business Awards celebration. Their company, Easy Business Software, captured third place honors.
(Courtesy of Gary Gorsline)

Gary Gorsline is CEO, and his wife, Mary Lynn, is vice president of the company called Easy Business Software.

The software product that the company is known best for was inspired by their daughter Chelsea’s illness.

She was born with skin allergies that were so severe that they were life-threatening, Mary Lynn said.

As a result, the young girl’s medical chart was loaded with information, Mary Lynn said.

But, one day, when she took her daughter to the doctor’s office, the chart was flat — the records had been misplaced.

In addition to dealing with the missing information, Mary Lynn found herself feeling frustrated as she constantly repeated the story about her daughter’s illness to about 40 different doctors. She was worried she might give doctors inaccurate information, as the family pursued an effective treatment for Chelsea.

Mary Lynn said she turned to Gary to see if he could use his technology know-how to figure out a way that the information could be shared.

Gary, who developed an expertise in computer programming while working for the government, took on the challenge.

The goal of interoperability is to connect different clinical and health care IT systems, so they can exchange and use a patient’s medical history to create better care at lower costs, he said.

The result of his efforts was X-link Medical Software, an interfacing technology that pulls systems and data together. X-link provides the capability to bi-directionally exchange data.

Easy Business Software, which goes by EBS for short, also provides consulting services to health care organizations.

That information can help the providers reduce costs and improve patient care, Gary said.

Leana Gorsline, director of business development, said the company’s prospects are bright, as both medical technology and health care gain greater public attention.

Gary said he sees enormous potential for the collection and analysis of data to lead to improved health care.

“The connectivity that we dreamed of so many years ago is finally on the verge of mass adoption,” he said.

Gary and Mary Lynn, who live in Lutz, also are the owners of Copperstone Executive Suites, a Land O’ Lakes office complex, at 3632 Land O’ Lakes Blvd.

The office complex has full-time tenants, part-time tenants, and a room that can be rented for luncheons, business meetings, parties, church services or other events. The Laker/Lutz News is among the companies leasing space at Copperstone.

Gary is the president of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, Suncoast Chapter and serves on a number of advisory boards.

Mary Lynn has been actively involved in the Central Pasco Chamber of Commerce for years, and also serves on the Heritage Park Foundation, an organization that is working to get a stage for the arts built at Land O’ Lakes Community Park.

Published February 24, 2016

Editor Note: The name of the company was incorrect in the print edition on 2/24/2016. The correct company name is Easy Business Software.

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