Stanley Steemer Safely Cleans Area Rugs

There is much more than most people think when it comes to cleaning area rugs. CJ White, owner of Pasco’s Stanley Steemer franchise in Lutz, says while area rugs can be cleaned in the home along with regular carpet, the most thorough job is done at Stanley Steemer’s Area Rug Cleaning Plant in Riverview.

Mike Little, one of two highly trained technicians at the Stanley Steemer Rug Plant in Riverview.

“Due to the more delicate dyes, materials and overall construction of most area rugs, we are limited to only cleaning the surface of area rugs when in a customer’s home,” said White. “But, at our Area Rug Cleaning Plant, your rug is cleaned using the specialized equipment that is needed to clean your area rug as safely and thoroughly as possible. Stanley Steemer has invested over $500,000 in equipment specifically designed for the deep cleaning of area rugs, in the Tampa Bay Area.”

In addition to their already state-of-the-art facility, this capital investment in equipment to clean area rugs is unmatched by any other carpet cleaning company in Tampa Bay. And, to make it easy for homeowners, White’s company will pick up your rugs, deliver them to the Area Rug Cleaning Plant, and promptly returns them once thoroughly cleaned.

No matter what style of area rug you have — a woven rug made with synthetic fibers that costs a few hundred dollars, to a luxury woven Silk costing over $35,000, or an antique oriental rug that is a family heirloom, all are cleaned using Stanley Steemer’s specialized equipment and procedures.

And, while sending area rugs to the Rug Cleaning Plant is more expensive than cleaning them at your home, it’s the only way to ensure the complete removal of damaging sand and soils, as well as odors caused by pet accidents. The end result is a clean, sanitary area rug with more vibrant colors that often makes your rugs look like new. Additionally, upon return, your newly cleaned rugs will be thoroughly dried, so they can be safely placed on wood floors without fear of water damage.

White has many customers who have their area rugs cleaned at the Plant that were not expensive to purchase, but match a home’s other rugs and décor.

“Often a particular color or pattern is no longer made, so it’s important to our customer that their existing rugs stay in top shape, because they match their home’s interior,” said White.

The largest area rug Stanley Steemer has cleaned at its Riverview operation was 20 X 30 feet  —the size of a 4-car garage.

“It was massive, but our equipment handled the size perfectly,” said Mike Little, one of two highly trained technicians at the Stanley Steemer Rug Plant.

Rugs get a final rinsing to ensure no cleaning solution is left behind.

One of the biggest advantages of sending your area rug to the Rug Plant is to ensure your rug can be safely cleaned. The more controlled environment and specialized equipment protects your rug from damages, like dyes bleeding,  shrinking, and cellolostic browning. Every job is customized to the rug, and specific shampoos and additives appropriate for a carpet’s fiber are added to the water tank, which fully immerses the rug during cleaning.

“And, if there is any bleeding, we have chemicals that control these excess dyes, so they cannot attach themselves to other fibers in the rug,” explained Little.

Most rugs are picked up by White’s crew, cleaned by the Rug Plant and delivered back to the customer home within 7-10 days.

“But, if someone needs a rug back sooner, we can turn them around within a week,” said White.

Because so many homeowners want their rugs cleaned before the holidays, White is offering his Pasco customers a 15% discount on all area rug cleaning at the Rug Plant, if the customer brings the rug to his State Road 54 location in Lutz.

You can drop off your rug at the Lutz Stanley Steemer, at your convenience, or arrange for an estimate and pickup by calling (813) 996-2436. You can also schedule appointments online at

Our 5-Step Process

  1. We start by running the rug through our industrial rug duster. This loosens and removes dry dirt, dust and allergens.
  2. If you have pets, we apply a pet urine treatment to remove any urine odors.
  3. Next, the rug is placed in an automated washtub. Here, paddles gently agitate the rug, and our patented cleaning solutions safely lift any dirt from deep within the fibers.
  4. The rug is removed from the tub and gets a final rinsing to ensure no cleaning solution is left behind.
  5. Lastly, the rug is dried in a large centrifuge and hung in a climate controlled environment to dry completely.

Published October 30, 2019

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