Pizza Villa wins ‘Heart of Pasco Award’

A group of Central Pasco Chamber members gathered in front of Pizza Villa to have its photo taken last week, as the manager of the restaurant received the chamber’s “Heart of Pasco Award.” What group members huddling together didn’t know — except for Cheryl Will, the restaurant’s manager — was that they were posing in the very spot where the photo was taken for the business’ ribbon cutting … [Read more...]

Land O’ Lakes’ honorary mayor begins his term

Tariq Zidan ponied up more than $1,000 and was named the honorary Mayor of Land O’ Lakes. He didn’t win the title through a shady deal in a smoke-filled room or making bribes to fix an election. Zidan won the honorary title fair and square. He raised the most money during the campaign which ran from early March until late June. The funds go to the Central Pasco Chamber of Commerce, … [Read more...]

The health insurance market is too complicated to ‘Do It Yourself’

Les Saland is an independent insurance agent and owner of A.L. Saland Insurance Solutions in Land O’ Lakes. “You don’t want to find out when you need insurance that you have the wrong coverage,” says Les. “Insurance is not for the do-it-yourself individual. There are so many variables.” “Most people don’t have the time to do the necessary research,” says Les. “If they have a problem with a … [Read more...]

Terri Dusek Central Pasco’s new honorary mayor

The votes are in, and so is the money. Pasco County has a new mayor, and it's Terri Dusek. Dusek, a local real estate agent, ran a campaign of "Paying it Forward Through Music." She was one of several people and businesses honored at the Central Pasco Chamber of Commerce annual dinner last week. Dusek also won Ambassador of the Year. The dinner included the installation of the new chamber … [Read more...]