Pioneer descendants receive honor

On the momentous occasion when Florida issued its first drivers’ licenses in 1940, Ruth Smith made history. County Judge O. L. Dayton Jr., pulled a desk into the hallway at the Dade City courthouse and plopped the 17-year-old into a chair in front of a manual typewriter. “People lined up and stood as I typed up the first driver’s license in Pasco County,” said Ruth Smith Adams, now age 93. … [Read more...]

Retired woman writes a new chapter in life

After spending a career in the high-pressure arena of hospital risk management, Linda Pollock retired a couple of years ago and promptly immersed herself into a new full-time endeavor. The Land O’ Lakes woman, who turns 70 this month, often devotes 10 hours or more a day to writing. She finished her first book, a memoir called “Ohio Girl,” in 2013. Just a few weeks ago, she published a … [Read more...]