Did Lincoln actually sign this document?

My travels to Lincoln, Illinois, began with a column published in The Laker/Lutz News on July 11, regarding a document that had been passed down, from one generation — to the next, to the next. That column pondered: What would it be like to have a large document signed by Abraham Lincoln, and not know its value or its history — or if it really had been signed by the nation’s 16th … [Read more...]

In Print: A true American hero, remembered once again

It's the kind of heroic scene that movies try to capture, but can never quite get right. Baldomero Lopez is a name many residents might be familiar with locally, thanks to the veterans nursing home just off Ehren Cutoff. Reporter Michael Murillo, however, shares a lot more about the man behind the name in his regular history column, Presenting the Past. There, we learn about Lopez, a … [Read more...]