Pasco is testing a new recycling program

Pasco County commissioners are eager to roll out a new countywide recycling program. But, first they need to wait for the results of a seven-month pilot study to test the use of carts and pickup schedules. “My vision is to expand this as quickly as possible to the rest of the county,” said Pasco County Commission Chairman Mike Wells Jr. “It’s exciting that we’re doing this.” Two haulers — … [Read more...]

CORRECTED: Pasco County looks for ways to boost recycling

A corrected version of this story appears below. Pasco County’s waste-to-energy facility at Shady Hills burns trash to produce renewable energy. Recyclables are not burned, but processed and sold to market. This information was incorrect in the original cutline of a photo and in the story. A correction also will appear in the Dec. 7 publication of  The Laker/Lutz News. Pasco County faces a double … [Read more...]

Pasco’s sludge will become fertilizer

Pasco County’s sludge problem appears to have a solution. Commissioners approved an agreement with biosolids management company, Merrell Bros. Inc., to build a facility that will dry out 23,000 tons of the county’s wet sludge annually and convert the sludge into saleable dry fertilizer. In addition, Merrell can contract with other counties to dispose of their sludge, for a total of 50,000 … [Read more...]