Suicide prevention can begin with small gestures

Betsey Westuba delivered a powerful message about suicide prevention last week at Pasco-Hernando State College’s Porter Campus at Wiregrass Ranch. To help illustrate the impact of suicide, she brought along a banner covered with 2,892 yellow ribbons. Each ribbon represented an individual who died by suicide in Florida during 2013. The ribbons reflect only the people who died — not the … [Read more...]

Robin Williams’ suicide sparks important conversations

While the death of Oscar-winning actor and comedian Robin Williams has prompted expressions of sadness from around the globe, some local grief and suicide prevention experts said the loss also has stimulated important conversations. When news hit that Williams had taken his own life Aug. 11, the celebrity’s death sparked discussions about suicide, mental illness and grief. Williams’ death is … [Read more...]

In Print: Learning lessons from loss of Robin Williams

The tragic death of actor and comedian Robin Williams shocked his fans and the world. It has been tough, even more than a week later, for people to grasp how someone who seemed so happy could feel so cornered in life, that the only out he could find was to end it. The biggest question people ask themselves is, "Could it have been prevented?" There are warning signs that could lead to saving … [Read more...]