Harvey’s Hardware fills a niche in Land O’ Lakes

Christmas is upon us again, and with history as our guide, an appreciable number of your neighbors are about to be grateful for the existence of a locally owned hardware store in their midst. “The saddest time of the year,” says Emma Lou Harvey, “is when somebody is trying to put something together on Christmas Eve and they don’t have all the parts, or the parts don’t fit. “And then, … [Read more...]

Uniting Pasco with love, from The Angelus

As sure as armadillos tear up gardens and raw kumquats pucker lips, this much is verifiable about Pasco County: Despite what its borders suggest, the massive slab of real estate that squats atop Hillsborough and Pinellas is not one county, but instead is at least two, if not three, each neatly defined by a north-south thoroughfare. You know how it works. East-siders cluster around U.S. 301. … [Read more...]

American Legion seeking Saturday meeting place

The Lutz/Land O’ Lakes American Legion Post 108 has a dilemma. The post decided to have afternoon meetings because many of its members were unable to attend evening meetings due to night vision problems, said Ray Mason, post commander. Having meetings during the day, however, cut into the post’s ability to attract new members because they have to work, Mason said. To try to solve the … [Read more...]