MPO keeps elevated road on county transportation plan

A group that spent months successfully fighting a privately built elevated toll road through the heart of Pasco County got a bit of a setback last week. But its members seem to be OK with it … for now. Pasco County’s 2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan is on its way to both federal and state authorities, highlighting the county’s plan for roads, transit and sidewalks over the next 25 years. … [Read more...]

Schrader elected chair of county commission

Ted Schrader is back in a familiar seat with the Pasco County Commission after being elected chair of the county's governing body. Schrader, based in District 1 covering large parts of the eastern side of the county, was chair of the commission in the 2012-13 session, and then stepped aside this past year for fellow commissioner Jack Mariano. The chair position typically rotates among the … [Read more...]

Moore, Wells sworn into commission seats Tuesday

The Pasco County Commission will welcome two new commissioners to its dais Tuesday, and at the same time decide whether Jack Mariano will get another term as commission chair, or if someone new will be selected. Mike Moore and Mike Wells Jr., will be officially sworn into office today during the commission's regular meeting in Dade City. Moore won the Nov. 4 election against Erika Remsberg to … [Read more...]

Politicians talk local, but don’t spend local

Ever wonder how much $324,000 can buy? It could supply ribs and sides for 25 families at Hungry Harry’s Family Bar-B-Que for an entire year. It could feed a complete Thanksgiving dinner from Publix to nearly every person living in Wesley Chapel and Land O’ Lakes. It could hire 15 people for an entire year at $10 an hour, with enough money left over to add a part-timer at the same … [Read more...]

Burgess heads to Tallahassee, Moore wins commission race

Mike Moore raised a lot of money in his quest to become a member of the Pasco County Commission, but even he knew with Pasco's history of upsets in commission races, there never was a guarantee. Yet, Moore's fundraising and campaign both paid off, as he won the last open seat on the commission, and will keep retiring Pat Mulieri's seat in Republican hands. With 97 percent of precincts … [Read more...]

Mulieri endorses new replacement, crosses party lines

No one could ever accuse Pat Mulieri of simply following the herd. Two months ago, she took a stand in the Republican primary, endorsing underdog Bob Robertson from a group of candidates looking to replace her on the Pasco County Commission. Robertson lost the primary, so that left the door open for Mulieri to choose yet another underdog — one that is not even a Republican. Although … [Read more...]

Moore raises $34K in two weeks, but is it too much?

A huge $22,500 haul from developers and real estate professionals over the last two weeks has given Pasco County Commission candidate Mike Moore his best fundraising week of the campaign, raising a whopping $34,250. It easily dwarfed the $600 his Democratic opponent Erika Remsberg raised during the same period, bringing Moore's total for the campaign over $166,000. However, more than 65 … [Read more...]

Partisan politics infest county commission race

It’s been four years since a Democrat has served on the Pasco County Commission, but Erika Remsberg hopes to change that with just one election in November. However, she has a formidable opponent in the form of Republican Mike Moore, who not only has out-fundraised her 19-to-1, but seems to be the shoo-in to replace the retiring Pat Mulieri in District 2. However, as the commission’s … [Read more...]

Last-minute agreement makes long-awaited gas tax reality

If Congress is any indication, it’s rare to see Democrats and Republicans agreeing on very much, if anything, these days. But when it comes to increasing the Pasco County tax on gas sales, local leaders from both parties agreed: They didn’t want it. Yet, it would be an agreement of a different sort that won the day last week, when Pasco County commissioners finally found that fourth vote … [Read more...]

Pasco commissioners approve 5-cent gas tax

Major road projects in Pasco County have funding once again after outgoing commissioner Henry Wilson Jr., negotiated a hard no vote against a 5-cent gas tax increase to a yes. Pasco County commissioners needed four out of five to approve the additional tax, which would raise $8 million annually for road projects that would've otherwise been delayed. Wilson, who voted against the tax last year … [Read more...]