Local groups benefit from Guv’na cash grab

The candidates running for Lutz Guv'na spent months with their hands out. The person who raised the most money was declared the winner of the ceremonial title, so they were all focused on filling their coffers throughout their campaigns. Over the Fourth of July weekend, Jennifer Rankin was declared the winner and earned the Lutz Guv'na sash. But, the real winners were announced Oct. 1 at … [Read more...]

Fourth of July sparkles with patriotism

Patriotism was on full display at the Independence Day festivities in Lutz. Whether they were part of the parade, or on the sidelines watching, people came wearing red, white and blue — and were ready to celebrate. The nation’s colors showed up everywhere. They were on flags, in hair ribbons, on cowboy boots and emblazoned on the front of semi-trucks. The parade, a community … [Read more...]

Final fundraisers keep Lutz Guv’na hopefuls busy

The race for Lutz Guv'na is wrapping up, but the candidates aren't ready to pack it in. All three hopefuls are prepping for last-minute fundraising, with some big events in the final days of the race. All the money goes to Lutz organizations, and the candidate who raises the most earns the ceremonial title. So they're pulling out all the stops to grab as much cash as possible. According … [Read more...]

KarenSue Molis makes fundraising an art form in Guv’na race

KarenSue Molis didn't come up with the idea of running for Lutz Guv'na on her own. The seed was planted by someone who knew a little something about the ceremonial title and the fundraising race that goes with it. She was recruited by a previous Guv'na. "Karen is enthusiastic, she is creative, and she appeals to just about everybody," said Edwina Kraemer, who was Guv'na in 2006. "You … [Read more...]

Lutz Guv’na hopefuls clash in fun-filled debate

This past Saturday, three residents went to the Old Lutz School and lied to their neighbors. One pledged to ban homework for all children. Another promised to build a giant rainbow. A third guaranteed everyone beautiful waterfront property. Then they tried to hit everyone up for money. And, they're going to keep doing it all the way up until July 4. It sounds like a shameless … [Read more...]