Students learn the value of thankfulness

Students of the Academy at the Lakes spent part of their school day on April 15 reflecting and sharing their thoughts on the value of gratitude. The session was part of a daylong presentation known as “Day of Manners,” presented by Tia Young, president and CEO of her company, Tia Young Image and Etiquette LLC. Young has been the presenter for the etiquette series hosted at the … [Read more...]

Academy at the Lakes turns 25

The Academy at the Lakes students came striding off the yellow school bus, ready for action. They’d just arrived at the Old Lutz School, and before long, they were yanking weeds, pushing wheelbarrows and spreading mulch at the historic schoolhouse, an icon in the community of Lutz. They were also picking up branches and sticks, strewn about by Hurricane Irma. This crew was just one of … [Read more...]