Panel offers formula to help struggling teens: Judge less, listen more

Those working in the front lines of mental health, drug prevention, drug addiction and recovery heard firsthand last week from a panel of youths about strategies that can help young people who need help in those areas. The panel made up of members of STAND (Safe Teens AgaiNst Drugs) convened at the community center at Land O’ Lakes Heritage Park, under the auspices of the monthly coalition … [Read more...]

Kids offer practical advice to battle substance abuse

The youths sat at the front of the room, sharing how substance abuse had affected their lives. One lost her 27-year-old brother to an overdose. Another was removed from her drug-addicted mother. Others have relatives or friends who are living with substance abuse problems. Six of the panelists are members of a group called STAND Above the Influence. The acronym stands for Safe Teens … [Read more...]