Medical marijuana dispensaries allowed in Dade City

Medical marijuana treatment centers and dispensaries may now set up shop within certain areas of Dade City. Dade City Commissioners on Jan. 28 adopted an ordinance revising the city’s land development regulations to make the treatment facilities a permitted use in the city’s general commercial zoning district, and an allowed use in commercial and employment center planned development … [Read more...]

Dade City is adding population, new attractions

As a new decade begins, the City of Dade City plans to resolve its longstanding stormwater issues, enliven its downtown with more shops and entertainment, add new attractions and to increase residential development. The Dade City Commission also is expected to vote on the issue of allowing medical marijuana dispensaries within the city limits during the first quarter of 2020. Here is a … [Read more...]

Dade City sets workshop on medical marijuana dispensaries

The Dade City City Commission again will consider whether or not to allow medical marijuana treatment centers within city limits. This city’s six-month moratorium, or temporary ban, on such dispensaries expires Sept. 21. Commissioners will have a workshop on the matter Sept. 24 at 4 p.m., at City Hall, 38020 Meridian Ave., in Dade City. In March, city leaders voted to extend its … [Read more...]

Dade City to draw up ordinance allowing cannabis dispensaries

Medical marijuana treatment centers soon could be allowed within some areas of Dade City. At a Jan. 8 workshop, the Dade City Commission expressed consensus to have city staffers draft an ordinance that would permit cannabis dispensaries — but restrict their location to areas outside the boundaries of the city’s CRA (Community Redevelopment Agency) districts, generally encompassing the downtown … [Read more...]

Learning the ins and outs of medical marijuana

Medical marijuana is a fact in Florida. Voters approved it in a 2016 referendum. Lawmakers passed a law regulating it, effective January 2017. Cities and counties generally are writing local ordinances in line with state law to permit dispensaries, but limit their locations. Local governments, however, do have the option to ban them. Pasco County commissioners are expected to vote … [Read more...]

Pasco OKs medical marijuana dispensaries

The Pasco County Commission has approved medical marijuana dispensaries, on a limited scale, to open for business in the county. Commissioners approved an ordinance on Feb. 21 that permits two medical marijuana dispensaries. The permits will be issued only for a low-level form of the product, known as Charlotte’s web. The permits also will be issued to two separate applicants, who will be … [Read more...]

Pasco OKs medical marijuana dispensaries

The complete picture of the future of the medical marijuana industry remains hazy, but by spring – perhaps even sooner – Pasco County could have its first medical marijuana dispensaries. The number of dispensaries that will be permitted remains unclear. Pasco County Commission Chairman Mike Moore wants to allow no more than six. One location and one permit each could be awarded to the six … [Read more...]

New rules ahead for dispensing medical marijuana

Voters statewide overwhelmingly said they want more people with debilitating illnesses to receive the benefits of medical marijuana. But, approval of the constitutional amendment in the Nov. 8 general election is only a first step in expanding an existing, but limited, medical marijuana program. State lawmakers and health department officials will have a say in what comes next. In the … [Read more...]

Medical marijuana may mean big money in Pasco

The local debate on how to regulate medical marijuana in Pasco County remains unsettled. But, two Tampa land use attorneys recently briefed county commissioners on the legal difficulties they face, and the vast sums of money at stake as the medical marijuana industry expands. County commissioners also received a recommendation from the county’s legal staff on limiting medical marijuana in … [Read more...]

Medical marijuana on Pasco agenda

Medical marijuana is slated to be a topic of discussion when Pasco County commissioners host a public workshop on Sept. 20 at 1:30 p.m., in New Port Richey. The county’s legal staff currently is reviewing land use and zoning regulations to craft an ordinance governing the future of medical marijuana within Pasco. County commissioners requested a workshop to hear a range of opinions on the … [Read more...]