Terri Dusek Central Pasco’s new honorary mayor

The votes are in, and so is the money. Pasco County has a new mayor, and it's Terri Dusek. Dusek, a local real estate agent, ran a campaign of "Paying it Forward Through Music." She was one of several people and businesses honored at the Central Pasco Chamber of Commerce annual dinner last week. Dusek also won Ambassador of the Year. The dinner included the installation of the new chamber … [Read more...]

Documentary could encourage a nude German invasion

The end of the Cold War may have spelled the destruction of the Berlin Wall, but a culture war continues between what was once West Germany and East Germany over one simple thing: being naked. With nowhere to go anyway, East Germans found comfort and freedom from leaving their clothes at home. Being nude was a way of life, until their neighbors from the west arrived and told them to put … [Read more...]

In Print: Germany looks to Pasco for that nude you

Next month, Pasco County will be featured prominently on Germany's second-largest television station, and it's all thanks to the diverse — and pretty sizable — nudist community here. A film crew spent a week in the area visiting places like Lake Como and Paradise Lakes, exploring the naked life outside of Europe. And it could mean a further European tourist boom to the county. "This has … [Read more...]