Mount Dora: A charming way to spend a day

Arriving in Mount Dora is like walking onto a movie set: sparkling Lake Dora provides the backdrop. Panning out from the lake, front-porched homes, American flags flying, line shady streets, an easy walk from main street shops, parks and even a candy cane-colored lighthouse. In the daytime, visitors - like movie extras - fan out to the lake on scenic boat tours, hikes on lakeside … [Read more...]

Internship takes local student to Amazon jungle

Those first nights in the Amazon rainforest were tough ones for Kenny Quayle. Especially when he was trying to get a few hours of sleep. “There are strange sounds that come from the jungle, and some of them were from animals I never wanted to come face-to-face with,” he said. “There were thousands of bugs everywhere at night, and you could hear each and every one of them.” Quayle spent a … [Read more...]