Redevelopment project teed up for a vote

Residents of Quail Hollow subdivision packed the boardroom at the Historic Pasco County Courthouse seeking to persuade county commissioners not to allow a developer to swap a golf course for houses. “It betrays the existing residents who have expectations of a golf course remaining. It (houses) would change the character and sense of place of our neighborhood,” said Edward Glime, who lives in … [Read more...]

Local author is inspired by mysterious phenomenon

The notion of writing about “things that go bump in the night” is not a new idea for novelists. Many authors have used the presence of unexplained sounds to help create a sense of suspense for their readers. But, in the case of Alicia White, an author who lives in Wesley Chapel, it was a sound that she actually heard — similar to a sonic boom — that sparked the the idea for her first novel, … [Read more...]

Wesley Chapel company expects to expand to new markets

KeriCure Inc., a Wesley Chapel company, has secured a patent that is expected to open new doors for partnerships with pharmaceutical and medical device companies. “Our foundation of the company was actually built around this nanoparticle drug delivery technology that I helped to create at the University of South Florida,” said Kerriann Greenhalgh, who operates the company from her Wesley Chapel … [Read more...]

Massive Quail Hollow land grab raises eyebrows

A developer who had originally planned to build a 260-acre corporate park near the Suncoast Parkway before selling the land last year hasn’t quite given up on Pasco County. Charles Bruck, the owner of Tampa’s SoHo Capital, is among the buyers of more than 1,000 acres of land just west of Quail Hollow in Wesley Chapel. Bruck’s SoHo Dayflower LLC company and some other partners completed the … [Read more...]

In Print: Big land buy in Wesley Chapel, magnet school going up

What would you do with 1,000 acres of land if you had a chance to buy it? A small group of owners are experiencing that first-hand in Wesley Chapel right now after a bunch of agricultural land just west of Quail Hollow was gobbled up in a $4.2 million land sale. Will it become homes? A new commercial center? Or will it stay as grazing land. Bill Eshenbaugh, the owner of Tampa's … [Read more...]