86-year-old woman scratches skydiving off her bucket list

Gerry Austin is a spry woman. And, she’s a busy one, too. She is a regular church-goer. She volunteers at Pregnancy Care Center in Zephyrhills. She belongs to a group that sews items for the homeless. And, she crochets hats for village children in Papua, New Guinea. But, all that seems rather low-key compared to what she did recently. The 86-year-old just skydived for the first … [Read more...]

Region offers plenty of ‘Independence’ celebrations

Residents within The Laker/Lutz News coverage area will have plenty of options for celebrating the nation’s independence this year. Some festivities are being held before the Fourth of July, some are scheduled on the holiday itself, and there are a couple being held at the end of the holiday weekend. Whether you enjoy watching a parade, like to run, enjoy listening to live music or get a … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving is a time of tradition, fellowship, food

If Thanksgiving is all about sharing time together while enjoying a holiday meals with all of the trimmings, the Benedictine Sisters of Florida and Saint Anthony of Padua parish want to help make that happen for people unable to prepare their own meal, would otherwise dine alone, or do not have the means to make it happen. Putting on the traditional feast and inviting others to share it has … [Read more...]

International athletes ‘swoop’ in for world championships

Imagine hurling toward the Earth at nearly 90 mph, then negotiating your way over land and water while you skim across the surface, before landing back on solid ground and tumbling to an abrupt stop. Now imagine doing it on purpose, over and over again. Canopy piloting, also known as swooping, is a form of skydiving where jumpers maneuver through a course upon their descent as they make … [Read more...]

‘Good Morning America’ almost came to Zephyrhills …

It would've been a great way to put Zephyrhills on the national stage. But as quickly as ABC's "Good Morning America" was planning to do a live segment at Skydive City, it was gone. Or is it? Jenna Brossman, a spokeswoman with Skydive City, told The Laker/Lutz News this afternoon that the popular morning television show had planned on doing a segment next week ahead of the World Canopy … [Read more...]

Brewfest coming to Skydive City in October

Skydive City in Zephyrhills will host its inaugural Skydive City Brewfest Oct. 25, with a beer pouring and sampling event featuring the award-winning beverages created by local homebrewer Robert Hilferding and up to 25 other homebrewers from around Central Florida. Hilferding is a long-time Zephyrhills resident and businessman who took up homebrewing as a hobby after retiring. Last June, he won … [Read more...]