Sit back, relax – and enjoy Florida’s marine life, too

Before setting up her cruise business in Tarpon Springs, Suzanne Upchurch and her business partner traveled the entire west coast of Florida looking for the perfect spot. They had a cruise and ferry business in Massachusetts where they did history and lighthouse tours, and they were looking for a place where they could operate during the winter. “We went through Tarpon Springs, all of … [Read more...]

In Print: The beauty of art, politics, nature

Megan Burgess likes to do many things young women her age do. She likes to paint, and create. But Megan, 21, also is a low-functioning autistic. She has trouble communicating verbally, which makes it hard for her to express herself in ways others practically take for granted. But she does look forward to hearing to the Land O' Lakes Recreation Center where she knows she'll have a chance … [Read more...]