Keeping the church flock safe

While many think of church as a place to lay down one’s burdens, gain spiritual refreshment and find inspiration — a house of worship is also vulnerable to potential violence. Jim Howard, executive director of Trinity Security Allies based in Trinity, knows only too well about that possibility When he was a teenager, living in Texas, his father shot and killed a deacon after church. Howard’s … [Read more...]

Clinton finds serious Florida challenge from Jeb

If the 2016 presidential election were held today, Floridians would be ready to give the Sunshine State’s 29 electoral votes to former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. That is, unless Jeb Bush decides to run. A new survey by the Saint Leo University Polling Institute said that if both Clinton and the former governor end up representing their respective parties in the presidential race, … [Read more...]

Doctor to talk in Hudson about Ebola scare

What's more scary than a witch or a haunted house right now for many people? It's the threat of Ebola, which has now hit the United States in both Texas and New York. But should it be that scary? Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point is offering a lecture "Ebola: Facts & Fiction" Nov. 17 at 3 p.m., at the Rao Musunuru Conference Center, 14100 Yosemite Drive, in Hudson. Dr. K.V. … [Read more...]

Scott wants closer look of Ebola threat

Although one nurse already under quarantine feels the measures are too restrictive in other parts of the country, Gov. Rick Scott has issued an executive order that could go as far as putting people under quarantine he feels is at high risk for Ebola. At a minimum, however, Scott is ordering twice-daily health monitoring for people returning from certain parts of the world where the virus is in … [Read more...]

Florida prepares for highly unlikely Ebola epidemic

There have been just three diagnosed cases of Ebola in the United States, and less than 200 people actually exposed to the virus. Yet, the fear by many that Ebola can become an epidemic in this country — although federal officials have dismissed any real possibility of that happening — has Gov. Rick Scott pushing federal officials to help Florida prevent the virus from coming here. In his … [Read more...]

Florida’s unemployment rate slips, but still mostly flat

Florida's unemployment rate has slipped a bit in September, bringing it to its lowest point since June 2008, but still remaining mostly flat since last December. The rate, according to Gov. Rick Scott's office, was 6.1 percent in September, down from 6.3 percent in August. That was the result of 12,800 new private-sector jobs in the month, but the percentage of unemployed people is still larger … [Read more...]

Florida wants ‘abundance of caution’ against Ebola

Could Ebola come to Florida? If it does, state government officials say they want to be prepared. Over the weekend, a Miami hospital tested a patient to rule out Ebola, despite the fact the patient "did not meet the CDC case definition" for the virus, Gov. Rick Scott said, in a release. "The test is being conducted out of an abundance of caution," Scott said about the efforts of both the … [Read more...]

Fact Check: Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera’s campaign visit to Zephyrhills

Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera made a campaign stop on behalf of Gov. Rick Scott in Zephyrhills Sept. 22, speaking in front of the Conservative Club of East Pasco. Throughout his stump speech, Lopez-Cantera attacked Scott’s Democratic opponent, former Gov. Charlie Crist, but also made some other claims as well.  For the complete story of Lopez-Cantera's campaign stop, read the Oct. 1 edition … [Read more...]

Refinery problems freeze gas prices

The dream of gas under $3 may have to wait a little longer, at least in Florida. Refinery outages in both Canada and Texas put a halt to the summer-long decline in gas prices, and even went as far as pushing prices up in some places, like Pensacola. "Refinery maintenance, especially in the Gulf, is causing the tightening of supplies in some areas," said AAA spokesman Josh Carrasco, in a … [Read more...]

Moore tops $100,000, makes district race most expensive

With just days before voters will choose just one of three candidates to represent the Republican ticket in the Pasco County Commission District 2 race, Mike Moore will clearly take the fundraising title after a final push this week put him over $100,000. Combined with the efforts of fellow Republicans Ken Littlefield and Bob Robertson, the three candidates have raised $134,348, already … [Read more...]