Professional Tile Cleaning Removes 96.5% of Allergens

Stanley Steemer is best known for cleaning carpets, but a growing segment of its business is cleaning tile and grout.

“Many new homes have tile everywhere except the bedrooms, and tile is a popular upgrade for families remodeling their homes,” said CJ White, co-owner of the Stanley Steemer Carpet franchise on State Road 54 in Lutz. “People love the easy care and beauty of tile, but they forget that it needs regular cleaning, just like carpet.”

Stanley Steemer technicians use a high-pressure water and vacuum system to clean tile and grout.

If you don’t have your tile professionally cleaned once a year, grout can become saturated with dirt and grime, just like carpet does.

“Regular mopping of tile floors never reaches the hidden dirt that lies deep within the pores of your grout lines,” said White. “Our professional tile and grout cleaning service uses hot water extraction to clean out this grime, which removes 96.5% of allergens found in grout.”

White explains that grout is Portland cement — the same material used for driveways. And because cement is porous, it will stain just like your driveway does.

“Cement is very vulnerable to oil stains. And, since grout is made from cement, it picks up oil from your skin and cooking materials, just like your driveway does when it absorbs oil that leaks from your car,” White explains. “When you allow this stain to set into your grout, it becomes a permanent stain. We can clean the grout, but cleaning will not get out the stain — just like no amount of cleaning will get oil stains out of your driveway.”

The good news is that professional grout cleaning will remove dirt and grime from the grout, and will also restore a floor’s luster.

Stanley Steemer cleans tile and grout using a high-pressure water and vacuum system, along with a cleaning solution that doesn’t leave a residue.

“We use a water pressure of 1,200 psi, which is powerful enough to remove grime without damaging the grout. By comparison, water pressure to clean a driveway is usually 3,000 to 4,000 psi,” said White.

Stanley keeps the water temperature at 180 degrees — again, warm enough to help remove the dirt, but not too hot to damage the grout.

After pressure cleaning, Steemer’s trained technicians use an alkaline wash to remove oily substances from the tile and grout, followed up by an acid cleaner that etches clean the top level of the grout.

The final step is putting down clear grout sealant, which creates a protective barrier that protects grout lines from small spills and spots, and makes it easier to clean up spills before they soak in.

“We recommend cleaning and sealing your tile and grout once a year, which can be done the same time as your carpets,” said White. “Our technicians are fully trained on both carpet and tile cleaning, and have all the necessary equipment on their trucks to get the jobs done the same day.”

White and his father, Chet, have owned the Stanley Steemer franchise in Pasco County for five years. Last year, they opened their new Lutz headquarters, which employs 13 technicians and three customer service reps.

Stanley Steemer never uses subcontractors. All of its technicians are employees who meet the company’s high standards – including background checks, drug tests and extensive training before going out in the field. Employees wear professional uniforms and take great pride in their appearance.

“We are very cognizant that we are welcomed into someone’s home, and we make sure our employees meet the high standards we set for them,” said White.

Stanley Steemer technicians always work in teams of two.

“Most homeowners feel safer with two techs in their home, plus two techs move furniture better and get the job done twice as fast,” said White. “We also stand behind our work with a 10-Day Redo Policy, which fortunately we are seldom asked about, because we strive to get the job done right the first time.”

Start out the new year by getting your flooring professionally cleaned — especially your tile and grout.  Call now to schedule ahead, or request a same-day service. Call the Lutz Stanley Steemer at (813) 996-2436, or schedule online at

Tile & Grout Cleaning Tips
Always vacuum and/or sweep before mopping
Always rinse after you mop
Never use bleach — it can break down grout and sealant

Published December 25, 2019

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